Online course “Build your self-confidence and reach for more”


This online self-confidence course contains only valuable and practical content that will help you build your self-confidence step by step. The course consists of video materials and exercises in PDF.
Self-confidence supports us in our professional and personal lives. Confident people have positive energy, feel happier and achieve success


Lack of self-confidence makes us unable to:

  • take full advantage of opportunities for fear of failing,
  • take on challenges for fear that we are not yet ready,
  • speak up for fear that what we have to say is not good enough

The course consists of 11 lessons on specific elements that support building self-confidence.

  • LESSON 1 – Welcome
  • LESSON 2 – Your metaphor of self-confidence
  • LESSON 3 – Sources of self-confidence
  • LESSON 4 – Strengths and talents
  • LESSON 5 – Values
  • LESSON 6 – Beliefs
  • LESSON 7 – Inner critic
  • LESSON 8 – Change your inner critic into a mentor
  • LESSON 9 – The confidence circle
  • LESSON 10 – Good habits in building your self-confidence
  • LESSON 11 – Summary